Hrithik-Shahid Bang Bang Dare (updated)

Hrithik and Shahid Kapoor - Thats Bollywood

We have been updating this post “Hrithik Roshan Bang Bang Dare to Shahid Kapoor” – so please read all the way thru –


Hrithik finally tweeted to Shahid for his upcoming Double Dare:

Hrithik double dare

So after waiting – this was Hrithiks dare to Shahid, to which Shaihd responded:


Here is Shahid fulfilling his Dare:

Looks like Hrithik lived up to it as well going to see Haider – Thou claiming he is the winner since Shahids dare ended later:

HrithikBangShahiddareTo which Shahid replied:


Looks like bro bonding.  Overall the whole Double Dare seems a little weak. Come on have a dance off or something!

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