Hrithik Roshans Bang Bang Dares (Updated)

Hrithik Roshans Bang Bang Dares

Hrithik Roshan is promoting his film Bang Bang in an innovative way on Twitter by daring Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Daboo Ratnani, Uday Chpra, Dino Morea, etc, to take on challenges – Check out the celebs  that got called out, that have accepted (check back as we will be updating this page) :

 – Uday Chopra:

“I’m taking this forward – my #bangbangdare to Uday Chopra – 100 body weight pull ups (in 5 sets)! You game? You have 5 days! Time starts now!!”

Uday was the 1st to respond with this video:


 – Dino Morea:

“To the muscleman Dino Morea your #bangbangdare – 20 parallel bar dips! 1 set!! You have 3 days!! Do you accept?”

Dino Accepted – Check out the video


– Priyanka Chopra:

“The only girl I cud dare this! For super @priyankachopra my #bangbangdare HANDSTAND with a push up!! Do u accept! U have 3 days!” 

Hrithik’s Krissh co-star didn’t lose anytime in replying. She accepted the challenge on September 22 afternoon and her response went live on social media shortly after some time.  In the video Priyanka says ,

” Really Hrithik? You should have made it harder.”  

She then proceeds to do the handstand and three pushups as per the challenge.  Once back on her feet, she retorts

“Anymore? Nothing’s too difficult for Mary Kom”.

Check out the video:


– Daboo Ratnani –

“This ones going to b fun!! My #bangbangdare to my friend @dabbooratnani – 100skips one go!! U have 2 days! Accepted?”

 This is what Hrithik said once he saw Daboo‘s completed challenge:

“Dabs!! U did it!!! Guys,dis 1 I salute! Mind over muscle! Ur a true WINNER! #‎bangbangdare‬ give it up 4 @dabbooratnani”


– Sonam Kapoor:

“My #bangbangdare to khoobsurat Sonam Kapoor. A collection of your happiest craziest smiles on the super success of Khoobsurat! This one we deserve,”
Sonams quick twitter response – this pic:

Sonam BangBang Challenge


– Shah Rukh Khan:

“The 10pack #bangbangdare @iamsrk show us a picture of you doing your favourite ab exercise! We all want to know which one it is! You have 3 days Qabool?”
To that Shah Rukh responded with this video and message:
“Hrithik Roshan #‎BangBangDare my favourite AB Workout is to do all exercises. A Dirty gym/ Prashant to help & Farah to scream.”


 – Ranveer Singh

Here is Ranveer Singhs answer to HrithikBang Bang Dare! – Possibly the best one so far, even thou its not really a workout and that he wasn’t really challenged, but the look at the cops face – surprised!!

 But first the request from Hrithik!

Hrithik Ranveer Dare

And the response – Check out the video below

Ranveer Response


 – Nargis Fakhri 

She sure has some hidden talent. Hrithik Roshan dares her to rap for this Bang Bang Dare:


Loaded with rocksta’ attitude and style, Nargis shot the freestyle rap video just before stepping on to the stage for GQ event, and she completely nailed it.

to which Hrithik responded:


Well Done Chica!

 – Farah Khan Ali

Hrithiks Challenge:

farah Khan chalenge

Her video and response:

“Bang Bang Dare! I accept your Challenge Hrithik!”


 – Farhan Aktar

Hrithik Roshan challenged Farhan Akhtar for his #BangBangDare :

“jumps off a plane/runs like d wind! But cn he do both?My #bangbangdare @FarOutAkhtar – run/cycle down bandstand in ur skydiving suit!ACCEPT?”


Farhan Akhtar’s tweets back:

@iHrithik it’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope.. It’s my #bangbangdare

Check out the Video:


– Shahid Kapoor  

See link

Hrithik double dare


– Aamir Khan

Hrithiks Dares Aamir Khan - thats bollywood

See Aamir’s response 


– Shraddha Kapoor – 

Shraddha Kapoor Bang Bang Dare -

See Shraddha’s response


 – Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor Bang Bang Dare

See Arjun’s response 


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